A healthy exhaust system, though it has no moving parts, is integral to maximum automotive performance. The exhaust is tasked with the tough job of removing harmful emissions from the engine, converting them to less hazardous fumes and emitting them out of the tailpipe. While it does this, it also ensures that these dangerous fumes do not enter the passenger cabin where they could put the health of occupants at risk. If you experience any of the following signs of an exhaust leak, be sure to visit your auto repair mechanic as soon as possible to have the issue resolved.

Vibrating Gas Pedal

A vibrating gas pedal is a common sign of an exhaust leak or other exhaust troubles. Depending on how large the leak is you may actually feel the whole vehicle shake or vibrate. Remember, anytime changes occur in the way your vehicle drives or feels as you go down the road, you should visit the auto shop. The sooner you get to a repair center, the better your chances of keeping the repair costs low.

Large Decrease in MPGs.

If there’s an exhaust leak it will cause there to be incorrect readings taken by the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor, located within the exhaust system, is designed to measure how much oxygen is in the exhaust fumes as it is carried toward the tail pipe. This reading helps to calculate the proper air and fuel mixture for the vehicle’s engine. If the oxygen sensor detects excessive oxygen in the exhaust due to a leak it will send a signal to the car’s computer to pump more fuel into the combustion chamber to compensate. This of course causes your vehicle to run rich, which can greatly decrease MPGs, cause thick black exhaust and cause damage to other critical engine parts.

Increased Engine Noise

There’s a good chance that the first sign of exhaust trouble you will notice is an increase in engine noise. One of the primary functions of the exhaust system is to dampen engine noise. A leak in the exhaust system will often result in loud engine rumbling, especially during rapid acceleration.

Exhaust leaks can be very bad for your car, but they can be extremely hazardous to your health as well. If you suspect trouble with your exhaust system, head to Pinnacle Automotive for professional exhaust repair in Little Rock. Our ASE certified technicians offer bumper to bumper car care for all makes and models. At the first sign of trouble, give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule superior auto repair in Little Rock or the surrounding communities.