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3 Symptoms Your Car Needs Exhaust Repair

A healthy exhaust system, though it has no moving parts, is integral to maximum automotive performance. The exhaust is tasked with the tough job of removing harmful emissions from the engine, converting them to less hazardous fumes and emitting them out of the tailpipe. While it does this, it also ensures that these dangerous [...]

Top Signs that You Need Brake Repair

To stay as safe as possible on the road, it's crucial that your brakes remain in excellent condition. When an unexpected danger suddenly arises, you need your brakes to work flawlessly. At the first sign of brake trouble, it's best to get to the shop so the issue can be inspected. Here are seven [...]

Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble that We Can Fix at Our Little Rock Auto Shop

When you first suspect that transmission trouble is brewing, you'll want to bring your vehicle to the shop for an inspection. If you delay, there's a good chance that the problem will soon worsen and necessitate repairs that are more expensive than should've been necessary. At Pinnacle Automotive, our local mechanics are experts at [...]

Expert Auto Repair in Little Rock, AR

As soon as you notice a symptom of car trouble, you'll want to be proactive about addressing it. By acting quickly, you can potentially nip the problem in the bud and save yourself from needing more expensive repairs. Here are six types of auto repair provided by an experienced mechanic in Little Rock, AR. [...]

Important Maintenance Tasks for a Healthy Engine

To keep your engine running strongly for as long as possible, you'll want to stay current with the basic maintenance measures that are described in your owner's manual. And you'll want to get these maintenance tasks done at a shop that employs ASE-certified mechanics who know just what it takes to keep an engine [...]